Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soap Crayons

Soap Crayons


2 TB hot water
Food coloring or Wonder Colors
Ivory Flakes


Pour water into a 1-cup measuring cup. Fill the rest of the cup to the top with Ivory Flakes. With a spoon mix the water and soap flakes together until mixture becomes a thick soapy paste without any big lumps. Add about 30 or 40 drops of food coloring to the soap mixture and stir well until the soap has color. Scoop out some of the mixture and put it in one of the cube spaces of an ice cube tray or any other mold you would like to use. Press the soap paste down into the cube until it is filled to the top. Fill 1 or 2 more cubes with the remaining soap mixture. Dry cubes in a warm, dry place for 1 or 2 days until the soap paste gets hard (test by pressing with your finger).

Pop the soap crayons out of the tray. Some colors will work better than others. Soap crayons are made from pure soap and food coloring, so whatever is drawn with them can be wiped off bathtubs, sinks, floors, windows, hands and faces.
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