Friday, June 5, 2009

Lemon Mint Granita

Lemon Mint Granita


4 lemons
4 cups water
3-5 TB sugar, to taste
25-30 fresh mint leaves


Clean and wash the lemons. Cut off the top quarter of the lemons and slice a thin bevel off the bottom, so they can stand up straight. Working over a bowl, carefully remove all of the lemon flesh and juice , being careful not to cut through the bottom. Stand the lemon skins on a plate and freeze until solid.

Using a food processor, puree mint leaves. Add lemon flesh and juice, and pulse until mostly pureed. Let mixture stand for 15 minutes, so the mint releases its flavor, then press the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer. You’ll end up with approximately one cup of lemon-mint juice.

Stir in the water, then sugar, one tablespoon at a time until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is to your desire level of sweetness. Pour the mixture into a large 9x13 roasting pan or baking dish, large enough that the liquid isn’t more than one-inch deep.

Freeze for one hour, then remove the mixture and scrape with two forks to break up the ice. Return to the freezer and freeze until solid, about 2 to 3 hours, scraping it again with forks every hour or so. When the granita is frozen, rake until glittery. Scoop into frozen lemon shel.s and serve.
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